Entrepreneurial projects

With the support and guidance of Generation Transition you can start your own sustainable entrepreneurial projects that contribute to solutions for sustainability issues. For example, students can be given the assignment to set up a mini-enterprise for Flanders or the South, to develop an NGO or development project, to set up a speakers tour or to raise awareness on campus. The themes can be aligned between the working group Study and the accmpanying teacher(s). However, it is important that there is a social necessity and applicability for the target group. With the support and guidance of Generation Transition, sustainable entrepreneurial projects that provide (partially) solutions can be set up. With the guidance of experts and through the exchange of experience between the various entrepreneurial projects you will not only gain experience, but you'll also help to enhance the sustainability of your sector.
Generation Transition can help you in putting up your business project with an entrepreneurs guide, through usefull contacts, promotion etc.