Guest lectures / info activities

Through guest lectures or other info activities you can get a good idea of a certain sustainability dillemma in a short period. Designing, organizing and promoting such an event is a learning experience.
Generation Transition provides useful contacts (from North and South), can guide you with the organization of your event  or can organize an event upon request.

Each year, CATAPA invites guest speakers from the affected areas to come to Belgium during the academic week which takes place in March. The speakers give testimonies about the social and environmental impact of mining in their own environments and encourage students to think about more sustainable alternatives. These lectures are experienced by students as very instructive and motivating. A real eye opener.

This year's Academic Week is scheduled from 1 to 10 March 2016.

During these 10 days we will organise guest lectures at universities and higher education within the broader theme: The impact of raw material mining. Raw material mining has social and ecological implications for locals all around the world. Therefore we from CATAPA decided to invite two Colombian guest speakers and one Greek guest speaker to come to Belgium. This year we are delighted to welcome Prof Renso Garcia, affiliated with the University of Tolima, and Robinson Arley Mejia Alonso, affiliated with the COSAJUCA movement (Colombia). Both speakers will give a statement on “La Colosa”, a planned open pit mining project in their region which has generated lots of protests.  Our Greek guest speaker, Elli Damaskou, will give a testimony on the gold extraction project Skouries, operating in the second largest tourist attraction of Greece; the breathtaking scenery of the peninsula Halkidiki.

During these 10 days we provide presentations and workshops on different locations to sensitize the audience on global mining issues. We will talk about this thematic in a comprehensible way with the audience, starting from a global context and first hand testimonials. A specific focus lies on gold and all (heavy) metals in general. We will work together with Spanish-Dutch or Spanish-English interpreters. For further information please feel free to contact us at

Do you want to know more about Generation Transition in Higher Education? Also have a look at the manual ‘Generation Transition in Higher Education’ on our website.  

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