Internships (in the South)

In the past years, some 20 interns and 40 South workers (volunteers) were sent to our partner organisations in the South by CATAPA and Putumayo. We are convinced that these exchanges form a concrete contribution to competencies for ESD and international competencies. Through an internship in Belgium or in the South, you'll get the opportunity to work on a dilemma of sustainability for a long time. This way you can explore problems and solutions, while you are doing useful work.
With this pilot project, we want to improve the quality of internships in civil society and the South by searching for more targeted placements and a clear description of the guidance and follow-up of the internship. Through Generation Transition you can easily be brought into contact with organizations suiting your interests and / or discipline. This  will benefit higher education, the partners in the South and our partners in the 'Generation transition' campaign.

Interested in doing an internship in the South?
Putumayo is looking for motivated volunteers to guarantee the guidance of indigenous students in Iquitos (Peruvian Amazone) during a six month period.