Thesis and PHD projects

Would you like to write a thesis or doctorate in connection with sustainability? Generation Transition is looking for students who want to write a thesis / doctorate that makes a difference. We offer you, besides an interesting topic, a comprehensive list of experts and sources.
Students write a research paper (masterthesis, bachelorpaper, paper for a singe course) and the results are introduced to, spread amongst and send to relevant stakeholders.
When writing a background file, knowledge gaps are mapped and themes for additional research are detected. A list of possible topics for dissertations or possibly PHD projects is developed. These topics are clustered to at least 2 aspects from a multidisciplinary point of view.

CATAPA has already gained experience through the guidance of 40 theses that were written about two themes (gold mining and no-go zones for mining) starting from a multidisciplinary perspective.

With this project we would like to offer students and our (South) partners the chance to make their research more socially relevant by proposing their results and findings during a seminary in 2016 and the symposium in 2017 on the one hand, and by the the publication and dissemination of research results on the other.

Also have a look at the infovideo down below.

Download our list with possible topics for your thesis over here. If you have other relevant questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.