Pilot projects

The current project 'Generation Transition' offers teachers and students concrete perspectives and tools to give shape to sustainable development in the curricula of higher education courses, starting from the problem of non-renewable raw materials as complex and international sustainability issues. Generation Transition offers students from all kinds of disciplines the opportunity to gain practical experience in and knowledge about the impact they may have as citizens, in their professional lives, as part of the civil society or in politics.
The target group of students as the ' future generation' or the 'generation transition' was an obvious choice given the fact that the current generation of young adults will be important people in the field of activity until 2050 and are also the actors that have to make possible the transition to a new economy.
Students, teachers and departments of higher education work together in one of the four pilot project of 'Generation Transition':

1. Guest lectures/info activities

2. Entrepreneurial projects

3. Thesis and PHD projects

4. Internships (in the South)


Through four pilot projects you'll get in touch with the opportunities and threats to sustainability in a national and/or global context.
Preferably, students and teachers from the South that participated in projects in the South will be invited at a final symposium.