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Are you interested in inviting our guest lecturers to talk to your students?

CATAPA launched Generation Transition in September 2014, a project targeted at students attending higher education. Through this project, we want to train young adults in entrepreneurship, equipping them with the skills to create initiatives that encourage society to deal with raw materials in a more sustainable way.

In this context, CATAPA is offering guest lectures during our academic week, that will take place between 1- 10 March 2017.

During this ten-day event, we plan guest lectures in universities and higher education colleges with the following theme: the impact of mining industries. The extraction of metals, minerals, oil and gas causes the same social and ecological consequences for nearby residents all over the world. It’s for this reason that we’ve chosen three diverse guest lecturers.


This year we welcome Jhonny Terrazas, from our local partner organization, CEPA, in Oruro, Bolivia. He will share his knowledge of the impact of the Kori Kollo and the Kori Chaka gold mines on the region. A key case in Jhonny’s region is that of Lake Poopó, which dried up as a result of climate change and mining.


José Fachin, is from our local partner organization, Putumayo, in Peru. He will talk about the damage done to his community and to the environment as a result of oil-exploitation.


ORO NO, a Spanish organization from Asturias, is sending Carlos Gutiérres Alvares, who will bring his testimony about open-pit gold mines.

Would you like to encorporate a guest lecture from one of our Southern speakers into your course? Our guest speakers will give lectures on the topic of the impact of mining industries, tailoring the content to your syllabus. We will be working with Spanish-English interpreters.

Are you interested in inviting one of them to talk to your students during the week of 1-10 march 2017? Then please contact us via info@catapa.be!