“Developing a participatory approach to understanding socio-environmental transformations and conflicts in the Atacama Desert, Chile: Gender, indigenous communities and large scale mining.”

Katy Jenkins, Hugo Romero Toledo and Inge Boudewijn

This workshop marks the start of a project focused on developing innovative participatory methodologies to examine the political, ecological and socio-economic transformations brought about by large scale mining operations in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, with a particular focus on gender and processes of re-ethnification, the re-emergence of indigenous identities. The project is funded by a British Academy International Partnership and Mobility grant and combines seminars and networking activities with the development of new research. The project as two key aims:

1. To develop new understandings of how gender and processes of re-ethnification shape socio-environmental conflicts produced by large scale mining in the Atacama Desert.

2. To develop innovative participatory research methodologies in collaboration with indigenous communities.

This paper aims to introduce some of the topics at the core of this project and begin to discuss their intersections. Over the course of this workshop and the second workshop in Chile in Autumn 2016, it is intended that key research questions and small pilot projects will be developed in response to the scenario outlined below.

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