Volunteers Evaluation Report of 2017 Academic Week (A/W)

Lucy Mears
academic week, volunteers, speakers tour


Overall, volunteers reported their involvement in the A/W as interesting, rewarding
and challenging, and reported that they had learnt a number of skills, most notably
speaking skills, collaborative skills and language skills. The majority of the volunteers
would recommend that their friends volunteer during the A/W. Volunteers cited
general contact with the speakers as their most positive experience during the A/W.
Less enjoyable for the volunteers were time management issues, low audience
attendance or participation, and the lack of solutions given in speaker presentations.
Overall, volunteers rated their experience of the A/W positively, with their ratings
ranging from 7-10 on a scale of 1-10. In terms of recommendations for the future
involvement of volunteers, suggestions included shortening or splitting preparatory
meetings between types of volunteering, so that volunteers could receive information
on their roles/tasks only, rather than being involved in all aspects of the A/W, such as
speakers’ accommodation and transport.

In order to attract more people to public events, volunteers suggested paying
attention to the scheduling of the events (not close to public holidays), boosting
publicity and engaging with other organisations in order to reach their networks.

To improve student lectures, volunteers suggested changing lectures formats for
more interaction and sacrificing presentation content for more time for discussion.

To improve the experiences of the guest speakers, volunteers recommended always
leaving the speakers with someone with whom they share a language, and giving
them time to relax, and ensuring they eat well and regularly.