Radhika Sarin, Nikki Reisch, Jennifer Kalafut, Keith Slack

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) continues to dress up money-making gold mining investments as development, yet it fails to demonstrate how these projects actually reduce poverty.

Halkidiki is a peninsula in northern Greece. Halkidiki has a very diverse, biologically important, natural landscape, combining mountains and beautiful forests with amazing sea and beaches. It is a very popular tourist destination.

Swann Global

The world of “Facebook” might seem irrelevant to the concerns of mining company Boards, but social media is rapidly making its way into the business of mining and the work and personal lives of people in the mining sector.

Cecilia Olivet, Jaybee Garganera, Farah Sevilla and Joseph Purugganan

In the last decade, the resource-rich Philippines has bet heavily on the mining industry as a development strategy, an approach that has come under growing scrutiny.

Inge Boudewijn

Op 8 september kwamen zo’n 8.000 mensen bij elkaar in Boekarest – met één boodschap: “NEE!” tegen de uitbreiding en modernisering van de ouderwetse goudmijnen in Rosia Montana, Transsylvanië.

Jutta Kill and Giulia Franchi

In recent years mining companies have become actively engaged in promoting ‘biodiversity offsetting’ as a way of ‘greening’ the mining sector.

Jana Naujoks (International Alert) & Ilona Hartlief (SOMO)

The aim of this paper is to explore some of the gender dimensions of multinational companies’ operations in fragile and conflict-affected areas by highlighting several issues across the extractive and agroindustry on a thematic level.